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All in One Heat Pump Water Heater

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  • All in One Heat Pump Water Heater


Product Introduction

FINECO All In One heat pump is one of the most economical systems to provide domestic sanitary hot water for the house. As a lovely equipment, it could be put indoor. It is with 3~4times higher efficiency than gas boiler or electrical heaterand it can also be combined with solar heating system andboiler-heating system. Therefore this could reduce costs forthe users in a big way

Product Advantage

1. Panasonic high efficiency compressor.

2. Blue fin evaporator with internal thread copper pipe.

3. Volute centrifugal fan, large air volume, low noise.

4. Electronic expansion valve is adopted.

• The flow adjustment range is larger;

• The control precision is higher; 

• It can be applied to the rapid change of the high-efficiency refrigerant flow.

5. Automatic defrost function.

6. Large water tank capacity from 150L to 500L.

7. Four layers of insulation to reduce heat loss. Polyurethane microporous insulationlayer, the overall foam molding processeffectively reduce heat loss, extend theinsulation time.




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Feneco New Energy is a technology enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of heat pumps and commercial air conditioners.

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