Demand analysis

Our company will communicate with customers, analyze and understand their needs, combine the sales, installation and use of heat pump in this market, and make project plans and product plans according to customer needs.
Customer demands include hardware configuration and software functional requirements;

Hardware configuration requirements

Compressor, motor, four-way valve, electronic expansion valve, water pump and other important parts of the brand and specifications.
Sheet metal thickness and design style. The heat exchange area of heat exchanger and evaporator etc...

Software functional requirements

Electronic control logic and product functions requirements.
For example: heating/cooling/hot water multi-function mode requirements, intelligent Wifi remote control, smart grid compatible functions, pump operation mode, etc.


After analyzing the customer's needs, our company will design according to the customer's needs and propose a preliminary design scheme. After the customer's confirmation and modification, our company will start to design the details of the sample.

Sample Production

After determining the product design scheme and completing the product design. Our company will purchase raw materials/manufacture components according to the design requirements, and use our existing advanced production lines to produce samples.

Test And Acceptance

After the production of samples, we will carry out product testing. The sample test consists of three tests.

The First Test

Routine online inspection test on the assembly line. Test whether the electric circuit and water system of the heat pump is safe, whether the water temperature can reach the sets temperature, and whether it can work smoothly.

The Second Test

laboratory performance test. Test the heat pump energy efficiency, noise and other aspects of the operating parameters.

The Third Test

The ultra-low temperature test for a long time. Test the performance of the heat pump under various ambient temperature conditions for a long time. For example, whether the heating speed, frosting and defrosting conditions, and system pressure are normal.

Packaging And Transportation

Our company will promptly produce the product packaging and transportation. Different packaging methods are carried out according to the types of products to ensure the safety and integrity of products and achieve customer satisfaction.

After-Sales Service

We will provide perfect and quality after-sales service. If customers face any problems in the process of using the product, we will immediately give help and solution measures to ensure that the product can always maintain good quality and performance.

In short, the service we provide is a complete chain from heat pump design to production and manufacturing to after-sales service. On this chain, we will meet the demands of customers with new ideas and advanced technology to provide customers with the best quality products and services. So, we can work together better and improve production efficiency and competitiveness.
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