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Mini Residential Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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Product Introduction

This House Spa and  residential Swimming Pool Heat pump are specially developed for swimming pool or spa water temperature control. With intelligent control system are let the units high efficiency and stable working performance. The COP of this type heat pump could be as high as 5.4 at working condition 20/15(DB/WB), which saves you at least 80% energy compared with traditional electric swimming pool heating equipments. Suitable for small pools in house, public parks, schools, house spa, etc.

Product Advantage

1. PVC Titanium heat exchanger with full resistance against corrosion, more durable.Compact structure, easy demountable for access.

2. High efficiency compressor, saving energy.

3. Flow switch for water flow protection.

4. Intelligent controller and adjustment by quick mind microprocessor.

5. Intelligent LCD display wired controller.

6. Air exchanger (fins-coil )with hydrophilic coating.

7. Automatic defrosting function included.

Technical Parameters


Product Uses

It is suitable for small pools in house, public parks, schools, house spa, etc.

Installation Diagram



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