Fineco Participate in the Vietnam HVACR exhibition with high-quality heat pumps and lead the Southeast Asian air energy market!

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From July 25th to 27th, Vietnam's largest air conditioning and heat pump exhibition (HVACR) was held in Hanoi, Vietnam. Fineco New Energy participated in the exhibition with high-quality air energy products, leading the Southeast Asian air energy heat pump market.

Vietnam Exhibition

At the Fineco Air Energy booth, there was a bustling crowd of visitors and customers who came to visit and exchange on site.

Fineco has brought multiple patented air energy water heater products this time. Among them, the "Xiaojingang" series of household water heaters have attracted many viewers to stop and inquire about the performance of the machines. The "Xiaojingang" series water heaters are patented products of Fineco Technology. Their shell is made of SS304 anti-corrosion material, with a soft and durable appearance, especially suitable for the high temperature and humid climate environment in Vietnam. The built-in Panasonic rotary compressor of "Xiaojingang" operates quietly and stably, and is equipped with a stainless steel water pump to prevent corrosion, ensuring that the machine will not be corroded by scale for 5 years.

Vietnam Exhibition

In addition, with the design of a silent flow guide vane motor, the entire machine operates with low vibration, high reliability, high efficiency and energy conservation, and is favored by Southeast Asian customers.

Vietnam Exhibition

Feneco New Energy is a technology enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of heat pumps and commercial air conditioners.

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