Feneco new energy appears at Spainish International Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition

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Against the backdrop of highly globalized competition in the industry, competition among brands is no longer limited to single product equipment research and manufacturing capabilities, but relies on their own technological research and development capabilities to deepen their products and services towards quality and system application solutions. From November 14th to 17th, the 2023 Spain International Refrigeration Exhibition was held at the Madrid International Convention and Exhibition Center. FENECO New Energy, along with its cuttingedge technologies and innovative solutions in heating, swimming pools, hot water, and other fields, competed with global HVAC brands and gained a lot of attention from European customers.



For a long time, FENECO New Energy has been committed to improving its technological strength, creating a leading and comprehensive product matrix and solutions, in order to better serve the market. This year, Feiruike has continuously invested and innovated in research and development. The -40 ° C ultra-low temperature heat pump laboratory has been put into use, and a global heat pump testing center has been established, creating first-class conditions for the development of efficient and energy-saving heat pump products.


At this exhibition, FENECO New Energy fully showcases its brand image and value to various parts of the world, as well as the advantages of low-temperature air energy heat pump products.





FENECO showcases the Arctic Star series low temperature full DC variable frequency heat pump unit on site, adopting the industry's first patented technology of zero vibration induction variable frequency heat pump (ZSVT technology for short).

◆ The appearance design is exquisite and is favored by the on-site audience

 System pipeline optimization, stable operation of the unit, with noise as low as 32dB;

◆ Equipped with intelligent fast defrosting technology, three-level antifreeze protection;

◆ Three major functions: heating, hot water, and cooling;

◆ All working conditions -38~52 ℃ strong heating and cooling, healthy and comfortable, efficient and energy-saving; 

◆Intelligent WiFi control+OTA remote upgrade technology, making operation and maintenance more convenient;


At present, FENECO has multiple product technology patents and more than 100 different specifications of heat pump equipment, which can simultaneously meet the needs of domestic hot water, heating, cooling, drying, swimming pools, and other needs. FENECO air energy products are highly efficient and energy-saving, and have been exported to 46 countries and regions including Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Americas.

In the future, FENECO will continue to adhere to independent innovation, develop more high-quality heat pump products, and provide more efficient and low-carbon solutions for the market.


Feneco New Energy is a technology enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of heat pumps and commercial air conditioners.

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