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DC Inverter Split Multifunctional Heat Pump

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Product Introduction

This R290 series heat pump with advanced DC inverter technology and low temperature EVI module. It adopts Panasonic EVI compressor and double plate heat exchanger and double EEV to make sure it can provide powerful heating under ultra low temperature area as low as -30℃. It heats fast and works perfectly with the radiator and floor heater to provide you a comfortable living environment even in very cold winter. It is one of the best heating devices available today.

Product Advantage

1. R290 and R32 gas are available.

2. Multi-function: Heating | Cooling | Hot Water functions

3. Thickened frosted sheet metal process, beautiful and durable.

4.  Low temperature EVI design.  Providing powerfull heating under -38℃.

5. It has SG Ready and PV Ready interfaces.

6. 5G remote control. Support remote lookup and modification of backend parameters. Easier to do maintenance.

7.  Full DC inverter design which adopts Panasonic/Mitsubish DC inverter compressor, DC inverter brushless motor.

8. Smart wifi control.

9. Smart defrosting.

10. Triple antifreeze.

11.  Highly integrated design with built-in water pump, expansion tank, exhaust valve, safety valve, and water flow switch.

Feneco New Energy is a technology enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of heat pumps and commercial air conditioners.

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