A cold wave is coming! Guidelines for air freezing prevention

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With the sudden drop in temperature on a large scale, in order to ensure the normal use of Feiruike products in winter, we remind Feiruike users to take timely measures to prevent freezing:

Initial experience: Start up in advance, preheat the room to maintain a constant temperature, and reduce energy consumption.

Cold and antifreeze: After the equipment is turned on and debugged, the water temperature can be adjusted to around 25 ° C-30 ° C to maintain low water temperature operation, which saves electricity and prevents freezing; Regularly clean the snow around the equipment to avoid covering it with snow; During the heating process of an air energy heat pump, a large amount of condensate water will be discharged. Condensed water is prone to freezing, which may freeze the drainage pipe and cause it to climb upwards, causing the equipment to malfunction. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the condensed water.

Temporary outing: Do not turn off the power when temporarily out of use or when no one is using it. Keep the power on for 24 hours to prevent the water temperature in the pipeline from dropping and causing equipment damage due to freezing; If the air source heat pump unit is not running for a long time, all the water in the unit, water pump, and outdoor pipeline should be drained to prevent the unit from freezing.

Standardized use: Installed machines need to be powered on for testing to ensure normal operation. All Feiruike equipment should be installed and used strictly in accordance with the specifications in the product manual.


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